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Atmosphere Working Group Kick-off Meeting

Atmosphere Working Group Kick-off Meeting: 17th May at 10am

(The date above is a link that you can click on to add to your calendar)

VC details:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 5179 7600
Password: 408139

Proposed Agenda:

• Round table introductions from participants including research area, experience, etc
• Brief Introduction to ACCESS-Hive and the Forum
• Introduce the Atmosphere Working Group, it’s purpose and how it operates
• Discuss draft Terms of Reference
• Decide on format and frequency of the meeting

If you have things you’d like to discuss in working group meetings reply in this topic:

Hi everyone,

At our Atmosphere Working Group kick-off meeting on the 17th of May, we plan to have a round of Introductions to give everyone the chance to briefly introduce themselves.

Could you please fill out the attached slide template and send it to before the 15th of May so that they can be compiled before the meeting.

AtmosWG_slide_template.pptx (473.8 KB)

Next Atmosphere Working Group Meeting 22.06.2023

Our next Atmosphere Working Group Meeting is 2023-06-22T01:00:00Z.
(The date above is a link that you can click on to add to your calendar)

Following our kickoff meeting, it was decided to have monthly meetings, and that the general format would be two short 10 minute science presentations (+ 5 mins questions) followed by other discussions around shared goals and priorities as required.

If you would like to volunteer to do a short science presentation, or want to suggest a topic for the agenda of the next meeting, please reply to the “Ideas for topics and discussions” on the forum.

There will be a reminder sent prior to the meeting, with an agenda of who will present and what else will be discussed.

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