COSIMA TWG meeting minutes: Apr 2023

Notes from the COSIMA TWG meeting today. Feel free to add whatever I’ve missed or to modify anything that I got wrong.

Date : 2023-04-12
Attendees : Micael Oliveira @micael, Andrew Kiss @aekiss, Aidan Heerdegen @aidanheerdegen, Paul Leopardi @paulleopardi, Martin Dix @MartinDix, Dougie Squire @dougiesquire, Rui Yang @rui.yang, Russ Fiedler @russfiedler, Angus Gibson @angus-g


  • We now have something that compiles.
  • We are using the CESM driver.
  • There are still a few things to fix, but it should be possible to test the model.
  • Next step is to try to run some tests.
  • Spack is being used to build some of the dependencies on Gadi.
  • Spack configuration has some issues:
    • Packages are installed on /scratch.
    • Some environment modules do not modify the paths, so the libraries cannot be find by the loader
  • payu support also needs some fixes and improvements.

MOM6-SIS2 scaling and profiling

  • Still not clear what is causing the MPI imbalance.
  • Imbalance present both in global and regional model.
  • Rui Yang is looking into profiling the I/O.
  • Micael will get in touch with Marshall Ward to see if he has any ideas.

ACCESS-NRI Intake catalog

  • ACCESS-NRI wants to provide a catalog of intake-esm catalogs.
  • Dougie has been working on this and has a proof-of-concept ready.
  • Feedback is most welcome at this stage.