Earth System Modelling Working Group

The Earth System Modelling Working Group includes researchers from many Australian universities and research institutions who use and co-develop the Australian Community Climate Earth System Model (ACCESS) for their research.

The focus is on ACCESS-CM and ACCESS-ESM models as well as anything related to paleoclimate or fully coupled climate modelling.

Initially the aims of this group are to

  • exchange information though regular meetings
  • act as a conduit between the community and the ACCESS-NRI Scientific Advisory Committee and ACCESS-NRI
  • co-develop the models
  • facilitate collaboration on shared projects

The Working Group has four co-chairs, Laurie Menviel (@LaurieM), Eun-Pa Lim (@eunpalim), Tilo Ziehn (@tiloz) and Shayne McGregor (@ShayneM). Aidan Heerdegen (@aidanheerdegen) is the ACCESS-NRI liaison.

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