2024 ENSO Workshop at AMOS

Hi there,

** The 2024 AMOS ENSO Workshop will convert two sections **

From 2 pm to 3.30 pm

  1. ENSO-related talks kindly given by Wenju Cai, Yann Planton, Priyamvada Priya
  • Wenju Cai: ENSO & Impacts in the Changing Climate

  • Yann Planton: ENSO CLIVAR Metrics

  • Priyamvada Priya: The dynamics of the El Nino Southern Oscillation diversity in the Recharge Oscillator framework

  • Many Freund: ENSO transitions and changes in a long-term context

From 3.30 pm -

  1. We will demonstrate how to run the ACCESS in some ENSO-related science topics.

However, Dr Yann Planton from Monash and I would give a short ENSO/Model-related talk. So please come if you’re interested in ENSO and want to experiment with climate models.

If you are new new new to the ACCESS model, please read the tutoring materials provided by ACCESS-NRI:
[Run the model]

I will start uploading the information you need for this workshop soon.

P.S. The workshop is for people who have already registered for the workshop through AMOS.

Project you need to register and make it ready beforehand:
project: nf33, p66, p73, access

Meanwhile, I will also post on GitHub Issue:
[2024 ENSO Workshop at AMOS · Issue #1 · ars599/ACCESS-AMOS24 · GitHub]

Many thanks to Roger Edberg Team Lead – User Training from ACCESS-NRI, provides the following information:

Venue information:
Workshops will be held at Marie Reay Teaching Centre, at Kambri on the ANU campus. Location and additional details are available online at https://kambri.com.au/venues/marie-reay-teaching-centre/.

  1. WIFI: ACCESS-NRI staff will be onsite at the workshops venue from 9:00 am Monday. Details for guest access to the ANU wifi network will be provided to you before your workshop starting time.
  2. Venue 4.04-4.05 60

Also reminders that the ACCESS-NRI Mixer is scheduled for the evening, 5:00-6:30 pm on Level 2.02 of the Marie Reay Teaching Centre, and the “Tipping Point” public lecture is scheduled for 6:30-8:00 pm in the Kambri T2 Theatre.

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