ACCESS-CM2 model suite names


Sorry this is a bit of a duplicate topic but the last one on suites is >1 year old so though it might be better to have a new one.

I am wondering what the names of standard suites (historical, piControl) in ACCESS-CM2 are that work in the new persistent sessions (if there are any) or if the old ones need to be ported over from accessdev workflows?

It seems that the old CSIRO site that had all the suite names doesn’t work anymore?

From another post i gather cy339 is the historical?



@ars599, I spy your name at the top of the table of ACCESS-CM2 CMIP6 experiments. Are you able to help @sebmckenna with this?

After checking with @MartinDix , it does not seem suites have been ported to the persistent sessions. Individuals might have ported some of the suites but it has not been done consistently.

The suites @MartinDix knows of:

  • cy339 for PI control
  • cz789 for PI control with 0.25° ocean

So no historical suite as far as we know.


@sebmckenna do you want to mark my previous post as the solution? You probably would have preferred a list of ported standard suites, unfortunately they don’t exist.