ACCESS-ESM Experiments


I’m trying to get a centralised repository for ACCESS-ESM runs that use payu back in order.
Because payu automatically updates the git history with each (changed) run, I think github should be the central location.

I’ve started with collecting all the experiments that I know of here: GitHub - coecms/access-esm: Main Repository for ACCESS-ESM configurations

If you have other experiments, especially if they’re a descendent of the original (pre-industrial) ACCESS-ESM payu configuration, please let me know. (All ACCESS-ESM repositories from our github group except for ACCESS-ESM-AMIP are.)

Thank you

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Nice work @holger.

So you’ve decided to coalesce all the experiments into a single repo, with a branch for each?

@micael and @aekiss have done the same thing for their ACCESS-OM3 configurations

Though I believe they are planning on stripping all model configuration from the main branch and just have the README explaining how to checkout an experiment branch and run the model.

There was some discussion about this in the most recent TWG meeting

I would suggest your instructions should recommend cloning the repo to a unique experiment name that reflects what they wish to run, e.g.

git clone -b pre-industrial pre-industrial-albedo-mod
cd pre-industrial-albedo-mod

You might want to set the experiment name in the config.yaml to the unique name of the experiment (the branch name in this case). This would avoid namespace collisions that would occur if someone switched to another experiment branch and ran from the same directory.

From the docs

experiment (Default: current directory)
The experiment name used for archival. The default setting uses the control directory name

That’s two really good recommendations.

I’ll have a look at this.

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