AMOS 2024 session proposals

Hi All,
Details for AMOS 2024 have been announced, Canberra 5-9 Feb.
There is also a call for session proposals. What better place to co-ordinate our session proposals than here?!
The deadline for session proposals is 9 June - really quite soon.
Each session can have up to three convenors, so the workload can be split.

Session proposals submitted here:

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I’ll kick things off with some suggestions:
Regional / high resolution modelling
Atmospheric composition modelling
Southern Ocean / Antarctica


Thanks Matt for kicking things off - I’m keen! Some thoughts for the three proposed topics:
(1) Does “regional / high resolution modelling” imply the focus on regional weather and climate modelling while “atmospheric composition modelling” will focus more on aerosols and chemistry? Would it be beneficial to have a unified session combining these two to bring together the broader atmospheric modelling community (with the risk of potentially being too broad and losing focus)? I can see the benefits of having two seperate sessions, too (e.g. more efficient and targeted), but may miss the opportunity to strengthen our national atmospheric community?
(2) Southern Ocean / Antarctica: love the topic, too! I assume this is more than the atmosphere? To be inclusive I think we need to bring in the observational community, too!

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I like the idea of one or more atmospheric modelling session. Last year’s session was very broad (any atmospheric modelling really), and we managed to fill two sessions of talks in the program. I am worried that if we are splitting the topic, we may not have that many people per sub-topic.

But I also like the suggestions around topics that are not explicitly modelling per se, such as the Antarctica one, but they tend to not attract people who care about developing models. One thing that would be nice in a topic like this one is to bring model developers, evaluators and users (lots more of those) together in some way.

So maybe there is room for two setups here: One session on general atmospheric modelling like we had last year, and one (or more?) sessions around major areas of interest in which we explicitly call out modelling in either the title or the session description.

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