CESM configurations on Gadi using CIME

CIME (pronounced “SEAM”) is a Python package for configuring, compiling and running earth system models. It is used by a number of models, including CESM, UFS, HAFS, E3SM and NorESM. Kieran Ricardo and I are currently using CIME on Gadi to run and explore some CESM model configurations that could be helpful for developing the next generation of ACCESS models.

To get CIME working on Gadi, some Gadi specific configuration has been added to forks of various repos. These forks live in the ACCESS-NRI Github org. You can clone the ACCESS-NRI CESM fork and dependent repos using:

git clone -b  access-nri-repos git@github.com:ACCESS-NRI/CESM.git
./manage_externals/checkout_externals -v -o

This will give you a copy of CESM and CIME to build and run it. For example, to run a CESM model case using DATM, MOM6, CICE6 and SWAV, coupled using NUOPC/CMEPS (note this works best if your default PROJECT is tm70 so that you can use a shared input data directory):

cd cime/scripts
./create_newcase --case test --compset GMOM_JRA --res T62_g16 --machine gadi
cd test

(Currently, this case will just execute each model component sequentially on a single node)

There is also an officially unsupported model configuration using DATM, MOM6, CICE6 and WW3 (i.e. essentially ACCESS-OM3), however I’m currently trying to track down some missing input files to get this running.

CESM configurations that use NUOPC/CMEPS can also be run from payu. For now, the payu CESM model driver only exists in a branch in my fork of payu, so anyone wanting to try this out will have to clone and install that.

Payu configs for a couple of CESM configurations can be found at:

Be aware, these are untested payu implementations of officially-unsupported CESM configurations. You’re very welcome to give them a spin, but do so at your own risk :slight_smile:

I’ve also kluged together a CICE6-WW3-DOCN-DATM-DROF CESM executable. Payu config can be found at GitHub - dougiesquire/d_jra_wd: Kluged-together CESM CICE6-WW3-DOCN-DATM-DROF-SLND-SGLC build scripts and payu configuration.

Same warning as above, but even more so since this configuration doesn’t even exist as a compset in CIME.

cc @sofarrell