COSIMA gdata storage

COSIMA has been given 100 TB from NRI on project ol01 for shared storage. Given that ik11 is already pretty full up, I propose that we put the new panan 1/10th, 1/20th and 1/40th simulation output on ol01. Does that sound like a good plan? Any alternative suggestions? We’re expecting that this ol01 storage will be expanded next year.


Since we all open the outputs using the cookbook then what do we care where the output actually lives? What I mean by that is that I don’t understand what is to discuss here exactly… I don’t see any difference if some netCDF files live in ik11 or ol51 or what not. Could you provide us with some more context perhaps?

Would panan be accessible to people that are not part of ol01 through cosima cookbook? I guess that would be one thing to consider. If they will be, than sounds like a good plan

Just checking if anyone else in COSIMA has large amounts of data they want shared, apart from the panan simulations.

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Anyone can join ol01, so data access through the cookbook should be fine.

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It would require that data to be added to the COSIMA Cookbook indexing, but otherwise yes.

Or you might want to consider using that data as a test-bed for a move to intake if that is the long term plan.

The ACCESS-NRI scheme manager here :slight_smile: . The current plan is for each working group to get 100 TB of /g/data storage. Since you already get that much, I wouldn’t expect an expansion next year. The expansion would only impact the working groups with a lower initial allocation. I just wanted to make this clear.

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Oh thanks for the clarification Claire! I thought I remembered Andy saying there would be more, but perhaps not!