Error loading a Cosima cookbook session

The code to load the cc session is not working, never seen this error before.

session = cc.database.create_session()

OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) unable to open database file
(Background on this error at: Error Messages — SQLAlchemy 1.4 Documentation)

@aekiss @micael - Does this mean the cookbook is corrupted?

@Aditya what conda env are you using? I don’t see this error with analysis3-24.04

It is not working for me with analysis3-24.04 either

Is this in an ARE session, or PBS job? If so is the ik11 project added to the storage options?

You can test if it works from a gadi login node. With conda/analysis3-24.04 loaded:

python -c 'import cosima_cookbook as cc; cc.database.create_session()'

The test above worked for me, so I suspect it is an access issue. I checked permissions and they seem fine. I assume you’re a member of ik11 if you’ve used the COSIMA Cookbook before.

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All good, it’s working now. Looks like I accidently removed ik11 from the storage option.
Thanks Andrew and Aidan