Favourite Github Action for building/publishing a conda package

Does anyone out there have a favourite Github Action for building/publishing a conda package to Anaconda? There’re a few out there and I’m curious whether anyone has had good/bad experiences with any of them (looking at you @Scott and @dale.roberts):

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I never used github actions for conda packages, only travis and circle-ci with the standard anaconda upload command.


Hey, I’ve just started looking into this too! No experience as yet, I’ll be bookmarking this thread to see how you get on.


Yet more:

Probably not the most useful contribution, but I used a fork of GitHub - m0nhawk/conda-package-publish-action: Github Action to deploy conda package to Anaconda repository (here). Looks like the upstream action has since been archived, but it pretty much just wraps conda build.

My only requirement was to be able to publish to different labels, hence the fork. This ended up in this workflow.


Thanks @angus-g

I’ve ended up using this action:

with no better justification than that it’s well documented and a little more flexible with dependencies than some of the other options. It looks like it also has the option to publish to different labels, but I haven’t tried using that.

This workflow builds and uploads the PyPI dist and then builds and uploads the conda dist from the PyPI dist.