Griddingmachine: making useful datasets easily available


This is interesting, and particularly so for the land surface community, as it seems that is the developers primary area of interest.

Not sure I’m a massive fan of their API/naming scheme, but it is simple and straightforward.

@gab I wonder if this would be useful for the work to get more TERN data accessible for CABLE.

Speaking of naming scheme, the following isn’t intuitive to me:

Spatial resolution (e.g., 5X means 0.2° × 0.2° grid)

2*2=5? Or is it because 1/5=0.2?

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Yeah me either.

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Yep, could be. Particularly if the versioning ties in well data owner/suppliers, rather than adding another layer of obfuscation. I’ve been thinking about how to manage this in meorg, so if someone is doing that already I’ll happy tag along.

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me neither

one could raise an issue in their repo and point out these ambiguities