Hh5 analysis environment in ARE

Hi all,

Silly question, but I’ve forgotten how to access the hh5 “analysis” environment when configuring a Jupyter notebook in the ARE.

In the past, under the “Advanced” tab, I’ve pointed to the relevant directory in the “module directory” field, and then added something like “conda/analysis3-23.10” in the “Modules” field. However, I’ve tried a number of different permutation of the directory locations and module names without luck.

Any advice would be very welcome!

Hi Chris

I’ve attached a screenshot of our recommended ‘Advanced settings’ section for using the hh5 conda environments in ARE. Note the PYTHONNOUSERSITE=1 environment variable which prevents anything you’ve locally installed conflicting with the analysis3 environment, and the additional Jobfs request to ensure that Dask can spill to disk without killing the job.


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Awesome. Thanks @dale.roberts ! I’ll give it a go.

this might also be useful GitHub - aekiss/HPC-Data-CFD-2023: Notebooks for a COSIMA Cookbook tutorial for a 2023 graduate-level course "HPC and Data in Computational Fluid Dynamics"