Ideas for discussion at the Land Working Group 2024

This topic is to create a running list of discussion topics for the Land Working Group meetings. Everyone is invited to add possible discussion topics, these can be very general to a specific science topic you need ideas on. Feel free to give as much or as little detail as you like. It is useful if you add your forum name (@) to the topic so you can present the topic at the meeting. You can directly edit this post to add to the list. Please add your idea at the start of the list to increase its visibility to the co-chairs.

The Land Working Group co-chairs will pick topics from this list and any other urgent topic to create the agenda for each meeting. Please ensure your idea is listed a week before a meeting if you would like it to be added to the agenda.

Ideas for discussion at the Land Working Group meetings

  • preparation for the annual Land Working Group workshop (@clairecarouge )
  • progress on urban representation and datasets in CABLE (@Negin_Nazarian & @Jiachen_Lu )
  • shared forcing + ancillary datasets (inc. identifying best ones to use)
  • weather generator (Anna)
  • progress on runs for comparison between JULES and CABLE (anyone with progress to report).
  • progress on high-resolution datasets over Australia for ilamb (@clairecarouge )
  • multi-site-based tests run through benchcab (@gab):
    – how should summative analyses (multiple sites/variables) be displayed
    – how should individual site analyses be incorporated?
    – how should we represent trunk-branch comparisons, and include multiple model configurations?
    – which analyses do we want that we don’t already have in
  • proposing experiments using the WG resources. Presenting the Experiments category (@clairecarouge )

Thanks Claire. I would like to add “progress on urban representation and datasets in CABLE (@Negin_Nazarian & @Jiachen_Lu )”.

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