Interesting modules to look at how to build with Spack

Here are some modules with unusual build systems or special requirements that we can take a look at how to deal with using Spack

GCOM - built using a rose stem suite, built by fcm
jedi-stack - built using ecbuild (an ecmwf enhancment of cmake). Many dependencies that need to be kept track of
xios - Different models need different options? (nemo and lfric)

Hi Scott,

with respect to XIOS; LFRic and NEMO are currently using different versions based off different revision numbers and MPI/Intel compilers. Additionally there are problems with LFRic using XIOS in client-server mode. Not sure which version NEMO is using, but LFRic is using: /g/data/access/projects/access/modules/xios, which is build from the svn repo at revision 2237

I’ve got a sample build of gcom running with spack, my test files are at spack-testing · GitLab (

It seems simple enough to run arbitrary commands - see the gcom install()


I didn’t see this until now, I’d not set to watch this thread. Am now watching all Infra posts … nothing will escaped my baleful glare.

Looks like xios is already supported by spack.