More Categories: Social, and Questions and Answers


I would add two more sections: Social, where people can discuss social interactions, and technical Q&A that could work similar to Stackoverflow.


Hey Holger,

So I guess Social would live at the top level. Do you imagine a Technical top level, with a Q&A category underneath?

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just have some broad sub-categories under Technical, in which questions, but also ideas and links and code could be shared. Maybe

  • python
  • fortran
  • linux (encompass stuff like logging into NCI, general shell stuff)

There are other sources on the internet for information relating to these topics, but there are also ACCESS and NCI specific questions and such that would be worthwhile to have them I think.

There is a danger of having too many, at least to begin with, so I’d be interested in your thoughts, and the thoughts of others about this (ping @rbeucher @dougiesquire).

I like the idea of Social and Technical categories at the top level. I’m not sure sub-categories under Technical are needed, but I don’t feel strongly. I suspect having sub-categories could actually act to muddle things, since technical questions often don’t fall squarely into one category. Perhaps we could include a “About the Technical category” topic where we ask people to try and write their topic titles to be searchable (e.g. include “Python” in the title if the topic is related to python). When were talking about Q&A here, are we meaning having a Q&A subcategory, or enabling the Q&A plugin for Technical topics?

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It might be a good idea to have tags like python or fortran, I don’t think we need to subdivide the technical category further.

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Agreed. I’ll make them now.

Good point. Not sure. I’ll leave the detail until next week. First thought is maybe start with all of Technical being Q&A format and see how it goes?

I’m not sure that the term “Technical” highlights that it is a community support channel, it sounds more about the infrastructure.
I agree that creating a lot of sub-category might muddle things, but maybe at least having a two broad sub-categories to separate “running model” from “analysis” questions might be helpful.

I like the name “Community Support”. It says what it is quite clearly, but I think there was some thought that people might ask questions directly in the relevant category areas, like how to run the OM2 model in the Ocean category, and so “Technical” was for questions that don’t fit into specific areas.

So maybe I’m confused, I thought the other topics, like ocean, land etc were to “discuss” topics related to that category and to the NRI, including say an issue with the ocean model configuration, but not to request support if you’re struggling running a model. Maybe once you have the categories description in place it will be clearer.

The idea of the categories is to broadly align with working groups. The working groups can then use the forum to organise themselves, help each other, and basically make a great, strong and vibrant interconnected community.

ACCESS-NRI folks will interact too, as part of the community, and to support the stuff we release. Ideally the documentation will be comprehensive enough that most simple workflows will not require NRI assistance. If people go “off piste” and do their own thing, then that is when assistance from peers, or searching the forums for previous questions and answers, will be required.

But first and foremost this is a forum for the community, and hopefully by the community. It will need critical mass to succeed.