Multiple runs in one go in Rose for SCM

Hello team,
Just wondering whether there’s a way to allow multiples runs in one go in SCM. I have 49 heatwave days (hourly data). I’d like to run each day individually and have the each day’s output. I do am able to run one day one time but it would be great if there’s an efficient way that allows running in one go.

I tried duplicating the ‘scm’ configuration in my suite so that I could edit the input name list and the output file name. This probably could achieve my goal if working. But it appears that ‘permission denied’.

Thanks for any advice in advance!


Hi Qinuo,

There was a setup for multiple configurations at once with an old model version, not sure if it is still working UM 10.6 Single Column Model - climate-cms

Thanks Scott! I set PARALLEL_SCM to true and the PARALLEL_SCM_DIR was set to the directory with various SCM namelist files.

It came with the error as
mktemp: failed to create file via template ‘/short/w40/qh5472/tmp/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX’: No such file or directory
2023-07-23T13:16:51Z CRITICAL -

I didn’t find directory ‘short’ under ‘/’ though.


Must be set up for the old HPC if its referencing /short. Check with CMS to see if they can adapt the script

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Thanks Scott! Will do so.

Hi @qinuo.
Are you using in u-ar989 by any chance? If so, I think it should work if you change

NP_ENVFILE=$(mktemp --tmpdir="/short/$PROJECT/$USER/tmp")
NP_ERRFILE=$(mktemp --tmpdir="/short/$PROJECT/$USER/tmp")


NP_ENVFILE=$(mktemp --tmpdir="/scratch/$PROJECT/$USER/tmp")
NP_ERRFILE=$(mktemp --tmpdir="/scratch/$PROJECT/$USER/tmp")

i.e. change /short to /scratch in the script. I’m not overly familiar with parallel, so I’m hoping this is enough to get it to work. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to grab a copy of your suite and attempt to run it myself to adapt the script.


Thank you Dale! It’s working now!

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