Need help: ¼ MOM ACCESS-ESM1-5 coupled run, crashed!?!?

Hi there,

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It is ESM1.5 upgraded to 1/4 mom. I have generated the N96-025OCN regridding associated files under hxy599_13042024:

Somehow, I got the error message from the PI-EDC-03.e114702017:

forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
um7.3x             00000000012FCBC4  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread-2.28.s  0000152AA9835CF0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread-2.28.s  0000152AA9835180  nanosleep             Unknown  Unknown  0000152AA4E0F83A  orte_show_help_no     Unknown  Unknown  0000152AA4E0FB74  orte_show_help        Unknown  Unknown  0000152AA9E2927A  MPI_Abort             Unknown  Unknown    0000152AAA1421FE  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
um7.3x             0000000001110F0A  mpl_abort_                 55  mpl_abort.F90
um7.3x             000000000110A376  gc_abort_                 135  gc_abort.F90
um7.3x             000000000041A523  ereport_                  391  ereport.f90
um7.3x             00000000005FF563  initial_                 6549  initial.f90
um7.3x             0000000000428DB1  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
um7.3x             000000000041481E  um_shell_                3930  um_shell.f90
um7.3x             000000000040D968  MAIN__                     40  flumeMain.f90
um7.3x             000000000040D8A2  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown       0000152AA9294D85  __libc_start_main     Unknown  Unknown
um7.3x             000000000040D7AE  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown


and set up, and the run scripts are:


Any suggestion?



Hi Arnold,
I had a quick look at the README and it seemed to be unable to find Could you post the run directory location itself so I know I’m looking in the right place? It might be useful as a sanity check to verify:

  • Is where it should be in the INPUT dir?
  • What is the group permission of, and is this enabled by the storage flags in your job submission?

I mention this because for example if your setup script has created a linked file to /g/data/ik11, but for some reason that directory is not flagged in your runscript, it could fall over that way. (Sanity check.)



Hi again,
So I had a quick log in the PI-EDC-03 script you mentioned. This is a .ksh run script, right? I’m guessing this means that the script does not run a reconfiguration step as in the rose-cylc routine? I ask mainly because the readme mentions a mismatch in the number of prognostic fields, and it says “Run RECONFIGURATION to get correct no of prognostic fields in atmos dump”.

Do you have an earlier iteration of this run that is working? (I.e. a prototype ACCESS-ESM1.5 simulation with 0.25 deg ocean that is already running?)

I often find it useful to regress back to a working prototype.

Cheers, David


Many thanks, David. I will give a check soon :slight_smile:

Thanks again, David; I will check if the model runs the RECON.

No, we only have 1/4 ocean in CM2, not in ESM1-5. Many thanks for pointing out two issues. I will check it.