Payu maintaining only every 5th restart on Panantarctic simulations


While running panan (MOM6), I noticed that payu saves only the last five restarts + older restarts in every 5th run (e.g., restart000,restart005…). This happens in all panantarctic configs, but not with access-om2. Is there any config that I can set in payu to change this? It might be worth to set up payu to not delete any restarts as default too.

This comes from the restart_freq parameter (see Configuring your experiment — payu 1.0.19 documentation) – it’s set to 1 in the ACCESS-OM2 configs (e.g.

Ah good to know! @schmidt-christina @Wilton_Aguiar I suggest we should make this change in our panan github configs, what do you reckon?

Restarts can be pretty large, which is why that option was introduced. But they can always be deleted afterwards (there’s the ACCESS-OM2 script, if you remember! :smiley:


Yes the problem with only saving every 5th is that when you’re running in only 1 or 2 month run chunks, the restarts it does save have non ideal timing, i.e. not in January.

Definitely second the suggestion for using to tidy up after.

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@jo-basevi has been working on adding calendar based restart_freq options to payu. Viewable in this PR (which I am currently reviewing, but if anyone else is interested your input is more than welcome)

This is based on some of the logic inf the by @aekiss, but as part of payu, and with some flexibility for specifying the frequency.

Hopefully we should have this in a released version of payu next week sometime.