Submit failed on rose stem test for Jules V7.1

BUILD tasks fail to submit when running rose stem --group=all in the trunk directory of the Jules repository.


  • Machine: accessdev
  • Jules version: 7.1
  • Rose version: 2019.01.2
  • Cylc version: 7.8.3

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login to accessdev.
  • Following the Jules User Guide, clone the Jules repository (version 7.1) using keywords to the trunk directory.
$ mkdir -p ~/jules/vn7p1
$ cd ~/jules/vn7p1
$ fcm co fcm:jules.x_tr@vn7.1
$ cd trunk
  • Run rose stem tests.
$ rose stem --group=all

@MartinDix I have modified the permissions of my home directory on Gadi so that you can view the generated log files at:


I have discussed with @clairecarouge and she thinks the issue is that the script needs access to the hr22 project which is the new project from NCI for Rose-Cylc, is this expected to be the case?

cylc-run/trunk/log/job/1/fcm_make2_nci_intel_omp/NN/job has

#PBS -l storage=scratch/nci-i189+gdata/nci-i189+scratch/access+gdata/access

If you submit the job script directly on gadi, it says
qsub: Error: Project "nci-i189" does not appear to be a valid project. Please check your "-l storage" flag is correct.

However cylc sometimes doesn’t do a good job of reporting this error in a useful way.

JULES rose-stem/include/nci/runtime.rc has
{% set PROJ = environ['PROJECT']|default('dp9') %}
-l storage=scratch/{{PROJ}}+gdata/{{PROJ}}+scratch/access+gdata/access

so the mystery is how your PROJECT environment variable on accessdev got this strange value. What’s in accessdev:$HOME/.rashrc?

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Thanks Martin, setting the project to tm70 in the .rashrc, deleting the existing cylc runs and re-cloning the Jules repository has solved the issue.