Training Day Pics

Put your pics here!

If you have any pictures from the training day that you want to share please include them in a reply. Add some explanatory text if you have the time/inclination, and tag in the folks in the photo in case they want to see it, or would like it not to be public, which is totally their choice.

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Andy’s intro on training day


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Getting UN/Star Trek vibes :vulcan_salute:

NCI Introduction to ARE session - Training Day

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ACCESS models session - Training Day


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Regional Modelling with the Unified Model - Training Day


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@Jeroen and @Max and Tree, enjoying the Canberra sunshine

NCI Data Collections - Training Day


NCI Introduction to Intake - Training Day

ACCESS-NRI Intake catalog - Training Day


Introduction to ILAMB and ESMValTool - Training Day

@rbeucher @RhaegarZeng

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Not sure the foreground tree is in accord with Harshula’s composition tips.