UM Ancillary files database/documentation (We need your help! πŸ†˜)

Dear ACCESS and UM users,

At ACCESS-NRI we thought is would be useful to start collecting and documenting multiple sets of UM ancillary files, to facilitate the job of users needing to run a simulation and not sure which ancillary files to pick.
At the end of the process, we seek to provide a well-structured and effectively-documented set of different UM ancillary files, usable with various experiments deploying different UM versions and/or configurations.

For this reason, the first step is to check out what is already available on Gadi.

For this purpose, I kindly ask your help to locate UM ancillary files that you are using (or that you know exist) and that you think could be useful to the community.
Please share with us the path to the UM ancillary files on Gadi, along with some information such as source, metadata or any documentation already existing, etc.
The more information you are able to share, the easier the job will be for us and we would be extremely grateful!! :smiley:

Thank you!!

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$UMDIR/ancil/atmos (~access/umdir/ancil/atmos) is a path used by many UM suites. It has ancillary files for a number of resolutions linked from /g/data/access/TIDS/UM/ancil/atmos. These are a mirror of a subset of the Met Office files, downloaded from JASMIN (contact me if there are ones you think are missing).

/g/data/access/TIDS/CMIP6_ANCIL has ancillary files from the Met Office used by the ACCESS-CM2 CMIP6 simulations. Only n96e resolution at the moment. These files are generally derived from CMIP6 input4MIPS data. Procedure to generate these is described at Met Office Science Repository Service.


First, the files I use are:

  • The CMIP6 files in Tilo’s personal directories. /g/data/p66/txz599/data/ancil/CMIP6
  • The payu standard ancil files in directories like /g/data/access/payu/access-esm/input/historical/atmosphere.

I can’t be much help for providing information on the ancil files, but I have a question: Can you make clear what are/are not ancil files? Are land-use change data ancil files? There are a lot of land-use change data in /g/data/p66/txz599/data/luc_* that are necessary for doing many of the standard CMIP simulations, but are not explicitly needed by the UM.


I have been and still am investigating and documenting the use of ancillary data at NCI, using the Technical Infrastructure project wiki on MOSRS. I am first collecting ideas, links, etc. as rough notes and then populating the wiki pages. If you have a MOSRS account, please take a look.