Version of LIS coupled to CABLE

I would like to use LIS-CABLE coupled with WRF-Hydro and am starting a discussion with the NASA LIS Team about the feasibility of doing that.

What is the most recent version of LIS that is coupled to CABLE?

Based on the WRF-LIS-CABLE documentation on Bitbucket, it seems CABLE is coupled to LISv7.1, is this the latest?

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Hi, the latest version is using NUWRF v9p2. CABLE was never coupled to LIS standalone and only exists within NUWRF. The user guide for NUWRF v9p2 lists the versions of all the codes included (WRF v3.9.1, LIS v7.2).

The CABLE code is Mengyuan’s version with the groundwater before it was merged with the main version of CABLE.

I have noticed NASA may have changed the way they couple LIS to WRF and that may impact you if you need to update the versions.