About the Posters category

This is where you can find all the workshop posters, to browse and vote for your favourite!

What must presenters do?

If you are presenting a poster please create a new topic. When you click “make a topic” in this category it will pre-populate your topic from a template to help you create your topic.

For each poster, add a description for what it is about, include links to relevant publications and resources, and upload your poster.


If you are uploading a poster as a PDF file then if you also upload an image of it (PNG, JPEG) the forum will render it nicely as a thumbnail gallery in the posters category.


ACCESS-NRI is awarding prizes for the best overall posters and best student posters. The best posters are decided by YOU. Everyone can vote for their three favourite posters. The three highest voted posters overall, and the student poster with the highest number of votes will win prizes.

If you want to vote for a poster, go to the topic for that poster and click on the big orange vote button to the left of the topic title:

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 11.01.54 pm

Topics should be tagged student if they are a student, or established or senior otherwise. To help find which is which you can show just student posters by clicking on this search link:

Show only student posters

Or show only non-student posters by clicking on this search link:

Show only non-student posters

Start conversations

Reply to a poster topic and ask questions! If it is your poster please respond to questions. Your answers will help those who can’t attend in-person, and can be found at any time in the future.

Even if you have an in-person discussion about the poster it would be great to capture some of that in the topic for others to benefit from.

Any questions?

Feel free to reply to this topic, or ask in the ACCESS Workshop chat

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