Workshop Information: Everything you need to know!

Getting assistance

Make sure you are logged into the forum and then head over to the Chat #ACCESS Workshop channel where you’ll find live information on what is currently happening and be able to ask questions. The chat channel will be monitored during session times.

Zoom details

Zoom Link to Join Day 1: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Zoom Link to join Day 2: Launch Meeting - Zoom


There are separate categories for the two days of the main workshop session to assist with finding talk topics.

The poster session has it’s own category, and all posters have their own topic in that category:

See below for more details

Having your say

The forum is the only way to interact virtually with Workshop content. We encourage all attendees, both virtual and in-person, to utilise the forum to make this a rich and rewarding meeting. Everyone who is presenting has spent a great deal of time thinking and preparing material, so it makes sense to discuss their contribution in as much depth as it warrants. By doing this on the forum the interaction will be captured and remain for anyone to find in the future, and act as a useful resource for attendees to remind themselves about the detail of the meeting.

Reply to talks

Every talk in the main session has a dedicated topic.


Unless you are in the room and can access a microphone during the allotted question time, then asking a question is your next best option. We encourage all speakers to interact after their talk has concluded, and these discussions can enhance the experience of virtual attendees and anyone else who finds the topic in the future.

Poster session

All attendees are encouraged to visit the poster session at any time virtually and leave feedback for the poster presenters, even if feedback is delivered in-person, it would be great to have that recorded for the virtual attendees and anyone who discovers the poster in the future.

There are POSTER PRIZES! Please vote (once) on your favourite poster.

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