NUOPC coupling update


NUOPC coupling update


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We have an ice-sheet/ocean coupling framework built in ESMF - called FISOC. The paper that describes that is attached here: GMD - The Framework For Ice Sheet–Ocean Coupling (FISOC) V1.1

The github code is here: GitHub - RupertGladstone/FISOC: Framework for ice sheet ocean coupling

Wrappers (caps?) have been written for a couple of different models now for ice sheet models Elmer/ice and icepack and ocean models ROMS and FVCOM - would be good to bring in MOM6 too @Hallberg-NOAA.

How easy would it be to get FISOC into the NUOPC framework do you think? Perhaps a bigger chat needed.


Hi @bgf, thanks for your question! I had a brief look at the FISOC code + paper and from what I’ve seen I think it should be pretty straightforward to port this approach to the NUOPC framework with the CMEPs mediator. There seems to a pretty clear mapping between FISOC and NUOPC:

  • FISOC_ISM_Wrapper_*.f90 corresponds to NUOPC caps (wrappers)

  • FISOC_coupler.f90 corresponds to esmFldsExchange_*_mod.F90 files (these just specify how different fields are mapped e.g. the ACCESS one we’re working on here)

  • I think most (maybe all?) of the other functionality exists in CMEPS

It sounds like the caps/wrappers you’re interested in already exist, so it might be a matter of just writing the esmFldsExchange_*_mod.F90, compiling the nuopc caps with CMEPs, and running. And we have build and run scripts that you should be able to use. Happy to chat further, and help with the implementation if you decide to go ahead.

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