CMIP7 Update


CMIP7 Update


Julie Arblaster (@JulieA) Monash



Weston Theatre (and online). See the main workshop help topic for zoom details.




The slides can be found here: ACCESS_Sept2023_JArblaster.pdf (7.2 MB)


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Note: This topic is part of the 2023 ACCESS Community Workshop main session

If CMIP is truly taking a more service oriented role, what additional model outputs are being considered to serve the societal needs? Are modelling groups actively thinking about this?

Interested to know how, if the DECK is the entry card, how can one make the fast-track simulations before they finish their DECK?

Thanks for the questions @AndyHoggANU and @Christian_Jakob - I’ll tag @JulieA here so she can reply to you.

@Christian_Jakob yes CMIP has been having various drop in sessions open to anyone (MIP developers, modelling centres, CMIP data users etc) and a few were focused on variables. There was quite a bit of discussion in those on needs of various stakeholders / users. We also have people from existing climate services as members of our task teams and VIACS as an ex-officio on the CMIP panel. I’m sure more can be done so very open to ideas and suggestions.

@AndyHoggANU Most fast track experiments will launch off the DECK experiments (PIcontrol, historical etc) so I expect this won’t be too much of an issue but definitely something to think thru in terms of timing and protocols

Thanks Julie. That sounds good. It’s tricky to get a good snapshot from the impacts community on what would make the biggest difference. I think the VIACS and climate services routes are a great way to start. Good luck!