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Using the forum

There are three short videos on the forum about using the forum:

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As well there are a number of other knowledge-base articles about using the forum .

Fast Track proposal v1 consultation

The CMIP panel is surveying modelling groups on the proposed Fast Track experiments that would be prioritised for IPCC. If you would like more information, please see Fast Track proposal v1 - CMIP7 / CMIP7 MIPs and other experiments - ACCESS Hive Community Forum ( You can also use that topic to provide any comments on the experiments for inclusion in the ACCESS survey response.

There will be a wider consultation step early next year on v2 of the Fast Track proposal.

CMIP7 at AMOS 2024

For those attending the AMOS 2024 conference, you are invited to a lunchtime session ‘Co-creating the Future CMIP’ facilitated by Julie Arblaster, Andy Hogg and Tilo Ziehn.

This lunchtime discussion will provide an update on the activities of the international CMIP Panel and Task Teams in planning for CMIP7, as well as recent progress towards the next generation of ACCESS (ACCESS-ESM3) that will form the basis of Australia’s CMIP7 submission. It will highlight opportunities to contribute as well as seek feedback from the Australian community’s wide and diverse range of CMIP users. Grab your lunch and come along.

That is on the 6 Feb, 1:00-2:00 pm, according with the Program

Will there be the option to participate online?


There won’t be an online option for the AMOS session. We could run a similar presentation/discussion in one of the Earth System, Coupled Working Group meetings if there is interest.

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Harmonised thematic variables - CMIP7 data request

The CMIP7 data request task team are looking for authors and reviewers for thematic papers to define a collection of harmonised variables to support high impact analysis of climate model output.

More information is available here: Climate Data Request Task Team - Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (

It would be great to have some Australian involvement in these papers.

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Fast Track proposal v2 now open for feedback

Following input from modelling centres, v2 of the Fast Track proposal is now available for feedback. The Fast Track is a set of experiments that are considered most relevant for IPCC AR7 needs. See Fast Track - CMIP7 / CMIP7 MIPs and other experiments - ACCESS Hive Community Forum ( for more information. Feedback is open to modelling centres and CMIP data users.