ESM Working Group day (7 Sep 2023)

Thanks everyone who attended the ESM WG day last week. It was great to get together as a group and to talk about different aspects of climate modelling.

Below is an attempt to summarise the points that were raised during the day. Please feel free to clarify, elaborate, and add points.

CMIP7 / model development

  • CM2 (or CM3) will be the main Australian contribution.
  • Do we also want a fast model (ESM), e.g., for PMIP style experiments?
    ESM can be used as a development platform to update components (something like ESM1.6). Such a version would likely be used for science within Australia.
  • What model improvements do we want most? Dynamical vegitation, BGC, …??
  • Input by the community and especially new faces welcomed (i.e. people who haven’t been involved in previous CMIP rounds). Consider watching the CMIP7 Announce topic.
  • Model evaluation hackathon: Get together as a community to work on model evaluation, including
    o teaching the community to use evaluation tools,
    o discuss variables of interest from a Southern Hemisphere point of view,
    o create recipes to do analyses.
    The idea is an outcome from the evaluation break-out of the NRI workshop, but also relevant to this group, get in contact with @nicolamaher for input/updates.

Model configurations – Work in progress/plans by individuals in our community

If you’re potentially interested in these runs and want to give input on run requirements (output, Pi/PD/Historical/future scenario simulation, runtime length, etc), please get in contact with the respective person listed above).

Shared experiments

ESM WG Wishlist

  • Transport matrices: provide scripts to (automatically) calculate a transport matrix for each model run. The output can be used for, e.g., BGC and is very quick to use once calculated. @matthew.chamberlain and @dkhutch have done this before.
  • Workflow to use model output from coupled model to force individual model component.
    E.g. use atmospheric fluxes to run land or ocean model only.
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