2. ACCESS Model Evaluation - forecasting/high-resolution modelling focus

ACCESS Model Evaluation - forecasting/high-resolution modelling focus


Romain Beucher (@rbeucher), ACCESS-NRI
Yi Huang (@Yi_Huang), Bureau of Meteorology



Brindabella Theatre (and online). See the main workshop help topic for zoom details.


11:00-12:30 pm


What are the current and future needs and where could ACCESS-NRI and NCI help support.




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Note: This topic is part of the 2023 ACCESS Community Workshop main session

There are two timeframes to plans for getting data: here and now, and then when we finally complete our management of datasets

CSET is the met office’s new evaluation toolkit, still very early in development CSET documentation

Regional Evaluation Suite https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/trac/rmed/wiki/suites/eval, currently needs membership of dp9 for observation comparisons

METplus 5.0 available at NCI

ANTS - creating and editing UM ancil files https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/doc/ancil/ants/latest/index.html

The UM includes the COSP satellite simulator COSP

COSIMA tutorial on how to change land-sea mask, topography and regridding weights (for an ocean-only model run); Tutorials · COSIMA/access-om2 Wiki · GitHub

Quality control of observation data used for verification is very important. Becomes more feasible if we have curated datasets for verification.