METplus 5.0 available at NCI

METplus 5.0 is now available on Gadi under /g/data/access/modules

To use the container at NCI:

module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules
module load envs/metplus/5.0

All MET commands and will be available on PATH


The demo configurations available at METplus Use Cases can be run using the container.

  1. Download the sample data from and untar into a directory

  2. Create a configuration file local.conf containing the input and output paths

  1. Save the demo configuration to a local file

  2. Run METplus passing it both local.conf and the demo configuration local.conf ASCII2NC.conf

Container Details

This package is provided as an Apptainer container. The container file is available at $METPLUS_ROOT/etc/image.sif, build configuration is at

Commands provided by the module can be run without needing any extra configuration. You can access the container internals with the imagerun command, e.g. imagerun ls / will show the container contents. imagerun shell will start a shell inside the container, once inside the shell run source /build/ to load the environment.


Thoughts from someone who had never used this before:

ASCII2NC.conf can be found on their github:

INPUT_BASE is the folder containing the met_test folder (e.g. /g/data/<project>/<username>/, NOT /g/data/<project>/<username>/met_test)
OUTPUT_BASE is the folder where logs/outputs/etc go (e.g. /g/data/<project>/<username>/outputs)

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Metplus 5.1 has been deployed on Gadi. The CSET evaluation tool is now included.

To use:

module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules
module load envs/metplus/5.1
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