UK Met Office Environment @ NCI


Transition Plan from AccessDev to the new Long Running Server


Yue Sun, NCI



Weston Theatre (and online). See the main workshop help topic for zoom details.





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Hi Yue, thankyou for the talk.

Are the persistent sessions only available for running UKMO? Can they be shared amongst users (for example, can I and a colleague both track jobs we run regularly in the PBS que through one persistent session) ? Is there an documentation link for setting up persistant sessions?



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We are now polishing the user interface and it is expected to be available soon to all users. Once it’s ready users can create their new session(s), list existing ones and kill unwanted ones. The persistent session is designed for hosting workflow managers and no one else but the owner of the session should use it. Moreover, through qstat, the status of a PBS job is only visible to the owner. No users receive responses of the queue status of other’s job on Gadi. We expect the team collaboration goes through project level file access.

The short answer is no. But we can talk through your user case and see how we can enable the collaboration between your colleague(s) and you.


Ok great - thankyou. Should I contact you directly or go to the help desk for the collaboration question?

Are you still in Today? We can talk this through during lunch.

Sure thing. I will be in Griffin room if you have to come a bit later.