NCI Accessdev Transition Workshop - 10 November 2023

On Friday 10 November, NCI will conduct a workshop to help accessdev users migrate to new persistent services ahead of the planned retirement of accessdev in 2024 Q1. The workshop program and registration are available online at NCI: Accessdev Transition Workshop for NCI Users. If you are interested in attending please register via this NCI page.

All researchers currently utilizing accessdev for running rose/cylc suites are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop. Individual hands-on guidance from NCI staff will be available.

Accessdev users with specific questions about the transition should contact NCI User Support by email at, and include the keywords “accessdev transition” in your message subject. NCI will also provide weekly virtual transition assistance starting on 30 October; details are listed on NCI’s Moving from Accessdev documentation page.

Update - 13 November 2023

NCI will continue to host weekly online drop-in sessions to help any remaining accessdev users make the transition to the new infrastructure. Details can be found on NCI’s Transition Timeline documentation page.


Hi @rogeredberg, thanks for sharing here.
Will the workshop on 10th November be recorded? I’m currently using CM2 on accessdev, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it on the 10th.

Hi @zoegillett27, NCI hasn’t mentioned recording at this point. Let’s follow up with them and see what’s possible.

Your next best options would be:

  • Attend one (or more) of the weekly NCI virtual transition assistance sessions. Details are listed in the Moving from Accessdev page mentioned in the announcement.
  • Contact NCI support and request a 1:1 consultation about moving your workflows to new services -, including “accessdev transition” in your email subject line.