ACCESS Workshop Training Day - what should we offer?

What training should we offer?

Tell us what you want to learn at the 2024 ACCESS Workshop Training Day!

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Feedback due: Monday, June 24th @ 5pm

Descriptions of potential training sessions

How to find and access datasets on NCI

  • This session will show you some tools available for finding and accessing observational and model data on NCI. This will include an introduction to the ACCESS-NRI Intake data catalog where we will show you how to efficiently find, load and share ACCESS model output from your Python environment.

Running model experiments with Payu and Git

  • Do you run ACCESS model experiments? Not sure how to best organize and share model runs? This session will cover how to use payu to run ACCESS-OM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5 model experiments and organise experiment output. We will also cover how to use Git, and share experiment configurations on Github.

How to debug common errors and tackle ancillaries when running ACCESS-CM

  • Maybe you’re familiar with the technical steps of how to run a global climate model like ACCESS-CM, but would like to dive deeper and learn how to find and setup ancillary (input) files? Or learn how to solve common errors that you may encounter when running the model? This session will cover these questions and more!

Running a high-resolution regional model using a two-level nest

  • Would you like to get started using the ACCESS high-resolution regional model to simulate an interesting weather event? This session will introduce you to a realistic experiment and help you prepare to run your own experiments using ERA5+ERA5-land initial conditions.

3d visualisation for earth systems data

  • An introduction to some techniques and tools for exploring data in 3D, making animations and interactive visualisations, and producing higher quality visualisations for sharing.

Advanced git & GitHub best practices for software developers

  • Learn how to use git and GitHub more effectively by becoming familiar with more advanced git concepts and commands. If you have been using git at a basic level, but would like to better understand what a commit is, what really happens during a merge, what is the difference between a merge and a rebase, or what are the most commonly used git workflows, then this tutorial is for you.

How to handle large model output

  • Do you struggle to process and analyze the often very large output from ACCESS models? In this session, participants will learn to use Xarray and Dask to optimize their large dataset workflows.

benchcab: scientific evaluation framework for CABLE

  • Are you developing CABLE? You will need to provide the evaluation results from benchcab to submit new developments into the CABLE source code. This training will show you how to run benchcab to meet CABLE’s requirements. It will also show you how benchcab can help you for your testing needs during your code development.

CMIP7 Evaluation Hackathon

  • This event is still to be confirmed, but may run in parallel to the other training day sessions.

Key details about the Training Day

  • When: Monday, September 2nd (directly preceding the ACCESS Workshop later that week)
  • Where: Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra
  • Who: Anyone is welcome to attend
  • You can attend the training day whether or not you plan to attend the ACCESS Workshop
  • The entire day will be in-person only
  • Attendance is free (but registration ahead of time is required and will open at the end of June)
  • Lunch and morning/afternoon tea provided
  • Training sessions will be held in parallel throughout the day, allowing participants to choose which session to attend at any given time.

NOTE: This is NOT a registration form. Registration for both the Training Day and ACCESS Workshop will open in late June.

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