Open call for training comments, ideas and feedback

ACCESS-NRI is interested in hearing about your priorities and needs for training as we plan for this year and the longer term. Post a note here if you have a general comment or idea, have a specific training need, or if you see a good opportunity for us to help the community. Let’s discuss further and figure out what’s possible. Thanks!


Hi all,
for some of us PhD students and Postdocs starting to use the coupled ACCESS models, a training on how to get familiar with and how to run these models might be useful.

A few years ago, a similar training for ACCESS-OM2 took place during a CLEX winter school (in June 2019). Maybe one could reuse the material from that workshop for those interested in starting with ACCESS-OM2 and run a parallel session for those interested in starting with the coupled models.

I am not sure if I still have all the material from the ACCESS-OM2 workshop but attached is the material I found in my folder.
Task 1_ Running a simulation.pdf (444.6 KB)
Task 2_ Analysing ACCESS_OM2 Model Output.pdf (257.5 KB)

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Hi Maurice,

Thanks very much for your comment. And apologies for the late acknowledgement from us.

Similar requests for model training have come from different segments of the community so we are prioritising this in development of our training program, and for the ACCESS community workshop in September. Workshop planning is underway. Detailed information will be available in June.