ACCESS-CM2 bad or missing value


I’m trying to run a freshwater perturbation experiment with CM2. Dave Bi helped me setting up the experiment by adding an extra freshwater flux around Antarctica. The simulation runs for Dave, but when I try to run the same simulation, I get a “bad or missing value” error message regarding the perturbed *.nc file (which after inspection doesn’t seem to have any bad or missing values…).

Does anyone know why the simulation would run for one person but not another? What approach can I take to debug?

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My first thought is: are you reading in the file you think you are? Does the log output print the file name, or even better the full path to the file?

What is the full path of the file you think is the issue? In case it helps to have other eyes.

I did a search and found the same error message with a completely different suite:

In that case they had the wrong path. I’d have thought that would give a “file not found” error, but worth checking that it isn’t a permissions or mounting issue. For example, if you’re running under a different project perhaps you need to add a /g/data path to the PBS submission that was automatically added when Dave ran it?

Thanks, it was indeed a permission issue with a not-so-helpful error message.

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