ACCESS-CM2 ocean model grid

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I would like to compute some diagnostics using the ocean model output that requires grid distances such as ds__T, ds_C, ds_N, ds__E and the angles of rotation. I contacted the ACCESS group, and they advised me to come here for assitance. Does anyone have the ocean grid information for the ACCESS-CM2 climate model? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Estanislao,

Ocean grid information for CMIP models should be under the table ‘Ofx’, e.g.

At NCI this can be found under e.g. /g/data/fs38/publications/CMIP6/CMIP/CSIRO/ACCESS-ESM1-5/historical/r1i1p1f1/Ofx/

Hi Scott,
those variables are not available in the Ofx files.