Curvilinear Arakawa C-grid in CICE


Curious to know if anyone has generated a global curvilinear (tripolar) Arakawa c-grid that can be used in CICE? NetCDF grid, kmt (land/ocean mask) and bathymetry files are what I am looking to create, I’m currently reading about xgcm (python library), but if I do not have to re-invent a wheel here then that would be great.



@dpath2o I’m sorry this post has sat here so long without a response. I just stumbled across this repo which, among other useful things, includes instructions/scripts for generating CICE horizontal grid and topography files.


Don’t worry @dougiesquire as one of @dpath2o supervisors I told him to wait until @aekiss had set up the C grid for the ACCESS-OM3 model, he had enough over things to be focussing on already in his existing runs. But thanks for finding the relevant CESM pages on grid generation.

Thanks @dougiesquire . I’d not come across that, but as @sofarrell points out, my pursuit has been diverted elsewhere for the moment. An interest for later though! Thanks again :slight_smile:

FYI, we are now using in ACCESS-OM3 a version of CICE6 that includes the C-grid implementation and we are working on configurations that use this.

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