Extend grid in ocean and cice grid

Hi Cosima people,
I am seeking to modify ACCESS-ESM1.5 for a Miocene paleogeography. One limitation I am facing now is that the ocean and sea ice grid (used in both ACCESS-ESM and ACCESS-OM2) has a southern limit of 78 deg S. I want to extend this to 85 deg S, because there’s a lot less ice in the Miocene.

From the ocean point of view, this is fine, I know how to do that. But I don’t know how to make the same change for the cice restart file. @Aidan has kindly pointed me to this code for updating the time variable of the cice restart file. But I don’t know how to read in the other restart variables.

I think I will need to rewrite the whole cice restart file with new dimensions. If anyone knows how to read in the cice binary restart file (i.e. all of the variables), please let me know.
@aekiss @rmholmes

Thanks, Dave

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Alternatively, anybody know where to find the source code for the cice executable, located at:

I could figure out the restart input routine if I could inspect the source code for this version of the model.

Hi @dkhutch will reply in an email about where the code might be on the csiro side of the system, Aidan might have copies at ACCESS-NRI. I will cc him on it.

This was done by @holger and the build repo is here:

Yes, everything is under version control now.

Under gadi, you can get the cice sources with:

svn co file:///g/data/access/access-svn/cmip5/branches/dev/hxw599/8.2ka_event/submodels/cice4.1

You can use the Makefile that @aidan linked to check out the sources and build the executable. I usually build all three executables together, that way I won’t have trouble with mismatching openmpi libraries or stuff.


Thanks @holger yes I suspected there was a location on the clex side that the code was accessible as well.