ACCESS-coupled N48 issue #1: change topography, bathymetry and land-mask

Dear ACCESS-NRI team,
How can we change topography, bathymetry and land-mask in the ACCESS-coupled N48?

As a starting point I would suggest we just change a dummy test: move Australia to another location in the Pacific.

Please, tell us how is this down?

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@atteggiani @dkhutch

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Hi @Dietmar_Dommenget,

To create the land-mask files (for both ocean and atmosphere grid) from the bathymetry file, you will need to use a tool (make_topog) available inside the ACCESS-OM2 repo.

I would suggest first step is to produce those files to run a Ocean-only (MOM standalone) or maybe Ocean-SeaIce (ACCESS-OM2) simulation with your changed continent displacement.
Then, after that step is done, you can produce the atmosphere ancillary files (based on the land-mask file you created) and run a coupled simulation.

I am going to do this exact step so I can learn more about the ocean input files and how the whole process works.
I will start by running an ACCESS-OM2 (1° with 50 vertical levels) historical simulation using pre-made input files, and then repeat the same kind of simulation by creating my own (ocean) input files from scratch (starting with the creation of land-mask file from bathymetry). I will keep you updated on the entire workflow.



Thanks Davide! Further to Davide’s comments. The ‘make_topog’ tool is found within the MOM5.1 repository (part of the ACCESS OM2). You can see the tool here:

‘make_topog’ takes an input file of ocean bathymetry (0 is land, depth is positive downwards) and interpolates it onto the ocean grid (defined by

I have used this on Gadi to do novel topographies using the GFDL CM2.1 coupled model (using the same ocean model).

I don’t know how to do the ancillary files for the atmosphere, or the land model boundary conditions, hence those are the parts I’m hoping to learn.


Note that this is also being discussed in this topic. Not exactly the same problem, but there is significant overlap.

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