ACCESS-ESM1.5 AMIP run with payu: model output volume

I have just done a 1-year AMIP test run of ACCESS-ESM1.5 using payu ( GitHub - coecms/access-esm-amip) and appreciated the clear instructions including the ‘Excessive Output Warning’. Years ago I used to be able to select the output using the UMUI but what is the best way to do it now? Editing the STASHC? Or does anyone else running ESM1.5 AMIP already have a set-up for a smaller set of output that they are able to share?
Thanks, Rachel

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@holger or @Scott might have some suggestions, or know of others who have run this configuration.

Hi Rachel,

I’ve attached a STASHC file that @ariaan has put together which I’ve been using for my AMIP runs. The file gets rid of the daily and sub daily output and some of the monthly fields as well, reducing the amount of output each year from 157G to ~14G. Hive won’t let me upload a txt file so I’ve had to paste the text into a pdf.
STASHC_APmod2.pdf (32.1 KB)


I have added .txt as a valid upload format. Thanks for the heads-up for that as an issue. If you, or anyone else, has a similar problem uploading a file please feel free to get in touch.

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Thanks for changing that @Aidan!

I’ve just attached the txt file here
STASHC_APmod2.txt (20.3 KB)

@spencerwong - Thanks for the help. It may take me a while to test this but hopefully it will also be useful for others doing AMIP ACCESS_ESM1.5 runs. Perhaps worth an update to the standard payu case to use the smaller output STASHC?

If you want to do that it is best to start an issue in the repo and then make a pull request that fixes it.

I just realised that I really should have included a list of the variables that it saves! I’ve just included a list of the names from the output here.
monthly_vars.txt (7.2 KB)

It’s tricky to update the STASH file for the standard payu case. For the moment, it has been designed to reproduce the case used for CMIP submissions exactly, as far as I know. That would mean keeping the STASH file as required by CMIP.

So I guess the question is how to best handle configurations with different levels of output so that people can find and identify them easily.

As long as it is well documented then it should be possible to keep configuration tweaks in separate branches.

If the main use case of this model is not CMIP6 style output, then the CMIP configuration could be in a branch. I’m in favour of this, as we know the model outputs a huge amount of data no-one ever uses, and causes issues down the track with data storage and not knowing what to retain and what to discard, so everything is kept by default.

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@spencerwong , @clairecarouge , @Aidan - thanks for all your contributions. Spencer - it was a good idea to post the list of variables, as your list didn’t include the carbon variables that I needed so your stashc doesn’t suit my needs. Instead I’ve taken the stashc from the 4xco2 run. It produces output that is intermediate in size between the amip case and Spencer’s example. While it may be what we used for CMIP6, it also has output that wouldn’t be of general interest - the pgh files are timeseries of CO2 output at CO2 monitoring sites, leftover from when we were doing more CO2 transport focussed work. Perhaps this is worth a discussion in the ESM working group sometime - whether we want a ‘library’ of STASHC files for a range of output applications and/or some documentation around how to change the output. Is using the UMUI still the easiest way to do this?

Given how much trouble people seem to have with them, that sounds like a really good idea.

I’m not sure about that. @holger would know, but not sure if he is about right now.


Sorry for answering so late. I don’t find the STASHC all that confusing, you have to mostly look at the STREQ lines. I think I have created a document on how to read it a while ago. I’ll have a look.

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