ACCESS-NRI Annual Work Plan FY 2024-2025


ACCESS-NRI has released a draft work plan for the coming financial year and seeks feedback on the proposed activities.

Full proposal

ACCESS-NRI Work Plan FY2024-25 (DRAFT).pdf

Summary for land

  1. CABLE development

    • Development of ESM 1.6, ancillary data creation and flagship release.
    • Development of ACCESS-AM3 and ACCESS-AM3-BGC and beta releases. A “beta” release signifies that we believe the software to be complete, but it still requires some real-world testing. Preparation of ancillary data with possibly updated data sources for CABLE.
    • Development of CABLE4. Beta release.
    • Rewrite of CABLE’s MPI implementation.
    • Create a catalogue of standard configurations for CABLE
    • Merge BIOS and TRENDY’s development with the main CABLE branch.
  2. Model evaluation

    • Modify CABLE’s output format for compatibility with ILAMB
    • Develop benchcab’s training
    • Contribute to the development of in collaboration with @gab
  3. Data and tools

    • Contribute to the development of model optimisation tools
    • Contribute to the publication of model outputs and input or evaluation datasets where appropriate