ACCESS-OM2 Control Experiments

@aekiss is this the ACCESS-OM2 projects list you were referring to? If so, I’ll add it to the wiki above

yep, thanks! I’ve set it to read-only so it can go public on the internet. If anyone wants edit access, let me know.

I’d like to revisit this list of control runs at the next available opportunity in the COSIMA Meeting schedule.

The goal would be to confirm this as the list of control runs that ACCESS-NRI would target for long term support, to discuss what that support would look like, and determine if there is any more information that might be required to fulfil those support obligations.

Sounds good Aidan. I will add that to the agenda for next week.

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It would have been good if I had checked my own calendar before I said this, then I would have known I am at the ARDC skills summit next Thursday. Sorry @rmholmes can you pencil me in for the week after please?

No worries. I shifted it.

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If it isn’t already, can the ERA5 development go on the agenda?

With JRA55 ceasing updates, ACCESS-OM2 will be stranded with a forcing product that will rapidly become obsolete. ERA5 is the future, and using ACCESS-OM2 (a well characterised and understood model) to compare the differences and understand how ERA5 performs will also help OM3. So there are a lot of reasons to push this forward. I’ve also asked for this to be on the TWG agenda for the meeting this week Some of the technical discussion will be useful to feed into the scientific discussion on Thursday.

I’d like to be there when the ERA5 stuff is discussed at the COSIMA meeting, but if this week worksI think it is more important to get the conversation started and I can get the gist later.

Yes ok sounds good. I can tune in for the TWG meeting this week.

Actually, Zhaohui Wang is giving a talk on JRA-55 vs. ERA-5 fluxes over Antarctic Sea Ice next week (16/2), so it would make a lot of sense to tack on the ERA-5 discussion there instead of this week.

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@rmholmes I’ve added OMIP details to the data table for you and Hakase - do they look right?

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Great. Thanks @aekiss. Looks good to me (I checked the paths).

Yep that seems sensible. You can fix up the cice restart with input_om2-bgc/ at main · COSIMA/input_om2-bgc · GitHub

Hello everyone!

I’m interested in performing a perturbation run with ACCESS-OM2 at 1/4 degree resolution from the RYF spinup and, if possible, with BGC. I noted that in the directory provided here (/g/data/ik11/outputs/access-om2-025/) there is a BGC spinup run. However, we noted that the oxygen output does not make sense. Does anyone know anything about it?


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Hi Gabriel. Welcome to the Forum!

I guess you’re referring to this experiment in particular?


The associated metadata.yaml file should have contact information:


but unfortunately it hasn’t been filled in. I can see that the files are all owned by @PSpence, so he would be the one who could give you more information.

Thanks, Aidan.

That’s exactly the experiment I’m referring to.

I’ll get in touch with Paul to know more about it.

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Hello Everyone,

I am interested in conducting a perturbation run using ACCESS-OM2-BGC at a 1/10-degree resolution, starting from the RYF-BGC spinup. I noticed that there seems to be a 1/10 RYF BGC spinup run available, but it also appears to have issues with the oxygen output, similar to the 1/4 RYF-BGC spinup (I don’t know how to cite, please see the discussion on Jan 6th from @PSpence ). However, I am now unable to locate these 1/10 RYF BGC spinup files. Does anyone know where they have been moved to, or if they have been deleted?
@aekiss @LaurieM @pearseb do you have any thoughts?

Thank you,

Hi Yinghuan,

I have only used the outputs of the IAF run and did not know there was a RYF run available.


I know Paul was talking about running a 0.1deg RYF with BGC, but I haven’t heard anything more about it, so I thought it hadn’t been run yet. @PSpence will know.

Hi Laurie and Adele,
Thank you for your replies. I double-checked with Paul, and it seems we got mixed up between the 025 and 01 runs. Just to clarify, there should not be any 01deg RYF with BGC runs have been done yet.


I reckon this would be useful to run though. Maybe once we have @pearseb’s WOMBAT iron updates to include?

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