Which ACCESS-OM2 IAF configuruation is which?

Hi all,

I’m looking to use the output of ACCESS-OM2-01 to create synthetic observational data (ie. sample the model data fields at the time and locations of Argo profiles).

Unfortunately, I’m a bit lost in the data on Gadi and might need a quick “roadmap” of which runs are which.

I require 3d temperature and salinity data, forced with interannual atmospheric fields, preferably with daily output frequency.

I’m looking in /g/data/ik11/outputs/access-om2-01/, and I’m somewhat confused between the various configs (v140 or v150) and the most stable “cycle”?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I think you’ll need @aekiss to answer this concretely. However, the IAF 01-degree listing at this post might help: ACCESS-OM2 Control Runs. It looks to me like you’d want to use the last cycle of v140 - unless this doesn’t have the daily data you want?

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Thanks @rmholmes for the pointer to the ACCESS-OM2 Control Runs. That seems to be what I need.

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Just collecting that information in “a place” has been useful. Good to know, and for the future.

The the 0.1° IAF runs and their outputs are detailed here. I’ve also updated the entry in the ACCESS-OM2 Control Runs.

3d daily data is scarce as it is enormous. Most of it is in 1987 - 2018 of cycle 1.

Thanks @aekiss I take it that to get access to the IAF cycle 1 (with the 3d daily data) one must be a member of cj50?

Yes, you need cj50 for the cycle 1 data.

There’s also 3d daily T & S in cycle 3 for 1958-2018 in ik11 but S is at reduced precision and restricted to south of 60S.

01deg_jra55v150_iaf_cycle1 is not as well spun up, but there is 3D daily T, S, u, v, eta from (I think) 1970 on.

cycle 1 daily mean 3d salt, temp, u, v, wt is only from 1987 onwards - see here

:wave: super NooB question

Can you use the COSIMA Cookbook tools to select cycle 1 daily mean 3d salt, temp, u, v, wt is only from 1987 onwards?

When I run something like:

session = cc.database.create_session()
temp = cc.querying.getvar(expt='01deg_jra55v140_iaf', variable='temp', session=session, frequency='daily')

I get an error that says:
VariableNotFoundError: No files were found containing 'temp' in the '01deg_jra55v140_iaf' experiment

Likely user error?

You could use the explorer to help you form your query. However, for your query specifically: you need to specify the frequency as frequency='1 daily'. You could also add start_time='1987' to cull the selected set of files before doing any further xarray selections.

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Thanks for answering questions on here, @angus-g

Possibly more user error, ahead RE: start_time=

Is it expected to get “a few months in 1986” if you have start_time='1987' set?

[ EDIT - apologies I should have RTFM!! :upside_down_face: ]

Note that if start_time and/or end_time are used, the time range
of the resulting dataset may not be bounded exactly on those
values, depending on where the underlying files start/end. Use
dataset.sel() to exactly select times from the dataset.