Daily data for ACCESS-OM2-01?

Hello COSIMA community!

Apologies in advance if I make any mistakes in terms of language - I am a brand-new ACCESS user.

I am developing an end-to-end ecosystem model for East Antarctica as part of my PhD, and am looking for high resolution data to set up the physical and biogeochemical conditions. I have been exploring ACCESS-OM2-01 outputs (specifically, from experiment 01deg_jra55v140_iaf_cycle2, which reflects ecologically important processes in the Southern Ocean according to an excellent paper), but it seems that several variables that I need have a monthly frequency. Unfortunately that is too coarse!

Ideally, there is data out there:

  • at a daily frequency and at full depth

  • for zonal, meridional, and vertical velocities, T, and salinity

  • as an added bonus, for oxygen, light, and nutrients as well

  • that runs for at least one year

I am aware that this is a long-shot, but if this data exists somewhere (or someone has any pointers) I would be extremely grateful!

Thank you! :penguin:

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Hi Ilaria

That sounds like an interesting project. There’s a list of all outputs for the 4 cycles of ACCESS-OM2-01 IAF here https://cosima.org.au/index.php/2020/07/29/data-available-0-1-1958-2018-access-om2-iaf-run/
There is daily global full-depth 3d temperature, salinity and 3 velocity components in cycle 1 from 1 Jan 1987 to 31 Dec 2018.
You may also be interested in the BGC output from cycle 4, some of which is quite high frequency (though the T, S and velocity fields will differ from the first cycle).

There are many other experiments available, but I’m not aware of others that have daily 3d T, S, u, v, w. These are best investigated using the COSIMA Cookbook data explorer

An overview of ACCESS-OM2-01 IAF and the other control runs is here ACCESS-OM2 Control Runs



Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your reply! I am looking at daily outputs from one of the cycles you linked and they seem to fit the bill - I will need to check if the difference in fields will be an issue but this is an excellent start!

Thank you,


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Hi Ilaria,

Thanks for your presentation today.

Just a couple of points:

  • The cj50 subset of the 0.1° IAF data (149TB) can be downloaded from here for those not on NCI (but in general it’s better to bring the computation to the data (e.g. by using the cosima cookbook) rather than the other way around with these huge datasets).
  • If you’d rather access the files directly instead of using the cookbook, you can find all the relevant ocean output files based on their names - e.g. this is the 3d daily data in the first 0.1° IAF cycle: ls /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v140_iaf/output*/ocean/*-3d-*-1-daily-mean-*.nc. The filenames also tell you the variable and ending date.