An undocumented Intel Advisor requirement

When you use Intel Advisor to collect profiling data from within a PBS job script on Gadi, you usually specify the location of the source search directory using the --search-dir option. For an MPI program run via Open MPI, this results in a command line that looks like

mpirun -np 6 -hostfile hosts.txt advisor --collect=tripcounts --flop --search-dir all:=/g/data/tm70/pcl851/src/cable/CABLE-POP_TRENDY_r9211/offline/cdir.mpi --trace-mpi --no-auto-finalize --project-dir=./advisor_results ./cable-mpi

The key undocumented requirement is that the search directory must not be a hidden directory (i.e. a directory with a name starting with "."). If the search directory is hidden, then the Intel Advisor GUI will not be able to find the source, even if you specify the search directory in Project Properties.