CICE6 Standalone -- compiling on gadi


I do not know if anyone can help here, and I’ve currently got an NCI helpdesk ticket open on this topic – let me know if you want me to share this ticket with you.

In fact, here is the crux of the issue:

  1. clone CICE to a working directory ( GitHub - CICE-Consortium/CICE: Development repository for the CICE sea-ice model )

  2. the at least add these two files (AFIM/Macros.gadi_intel at main · dpath2o/AFIM · GitHub and AFIM/env.gadi_intel at main · dpath2o/AFIM · GitHub ) to:

directory in the CICE-cloned-code path.

  1. add this file ( AFIM/set_nml.afim_0p1 at main · dpath2o/AFIM · GitHub ) to this CICE-cloned-code path:


  1. then run the following from the root CICE-cloned-code path:

./cice.setup -m gadi -e intel -c afim_0p1 -s afim_0p1

  1. then load modules:

module load intel-compiler/2021.6.0 netcdf/4.9.0 openmpi/4.1.4

  1. then:

cd afim_0p1

This is where it will fail because of library problem (i.e. an ‘include’ issue). Specifically, it will fail with:

mpif90 -c -qno-opt-dynamic-align -convert big_endian -assume byterecl -ftz -traceback -assume realloc_lhs -fp-model source -O2 -debug minimal -free -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DUSE_NETCDF -I…/icepack/columnphysics -I/apps/netcdf/4.9.0/include -I. -I… -I/usr/include -I/usr/lib64 /home/581/da1339/src/CICE/cicecore/shared/ice_kinds_mod.F90
/home/581/da1339/src/CICE/cicecore/shared/ice_kinds_mod.F90(13): error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [ICEPACK_INTFC]

This from documentation on compiling CICE here:

Hey Dan,

I wonder if the fail is because a previous bit of code didn’t compile correctly. Your code is failing at:

      use icepack_intfc, only: char_len  => icepack_char_len


error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [ICEPACK_INTFC]

so it can’t find a ICEPACK_INTFC.mod.

Where is your build directory?



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Thank you Aidan!

NCI helpdesk was very helpful and provided the following solution:

module purge
module load pbs
module load intel-compiler/2021.6.0
module load openmpi/4.1.4
module load netcdf/4.9.0
module load pnetcdf/1.11.2

cd /home/581/da1339/src/CICE/afim_0p1


This resulted in:

./ COMPILE SUCCESSFUL, /home/581/da1339/src/CICE/afim_0p1/logs/cice.bldlog.221111-201750

Which pleases me to no end on this Friday evening :slight_smile:


Great that you got a resolution.