Running CICE6 standalone

If you need to run CICE in standalone mode. Configurations to do this on Gadi are in :

Note: CICE is typically used in a coupled configuration, e.g. coupled with an Ocean model in ACCESS-OM2/3 and/or waves and/or an atmosphere. Running CICE standalone is mainly for model development and testing activities.

To use CICE-standalone:

In your directory:

module load intel-compiler openmpi
git clone
cd cice
module purge
./cice.setup -m gadi -e intel --case smoke
cd smoke

This runs the simplest standalone scenario forced by the simple ‘GX3’ grid and JRA forcing. Jobs are submitted to the normal queue unless the --queue option is used. The project used is set by $PROJECT in your environment.

If you want to use / test parallel IO library (default is Netcdf library), then you can load the dependencies from the ACCESS-OM3 spack environment:

module purge
module use /g/data/ik11/spack/0.21.2/modules/access-om3/0.x.0/linux-rocky8-cascadelake 
./cice.setup -m gadi -e intel --case pio2 --set iopio2
cd pio2

More details about the cice.setup script and the CICE example cases are in the CICE documentation.


The gadi standalone build has been merged upstream into the CICE-consortium repository. I’ve update the instructions to reflect this.

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let me know if you’d like code that I have for running CICE6 standalone forced by ERA5 and daily, weekly or monthly ocean SST, SSS, surface U & V