Running CICE6 standalone

If you need to run CICE in standalone mode. Configurations to do this on Gadi are in :

Note: CICE is typically used in a coupled configuration, e.g. coupled with an Ocean model in ACCESS-OM2/3 and/or waves and/or an atmosphere. Running CICE standalone is mainly for model development and testing activities.

To use CICE-standalone:

In your directory:

git clone 
cd cice
module purge
./cice.setup -m gadi -e intel --case smoke
cd smoke

This runs the simplest standalone scenario forced by the simple ‘GX3’ grid and JRA forcing. Jobs are submitted to the normal queue unless the --queue option is used. The project used is set by $PROJECT in your environment.

If you want to use / test parallel IO library (default is Netcdf library), then you can load the dependencies from the ACCESS-OM3 spack environment:

module purge
module use /g/data/ik11/spack/0.20.1/modules/access-om3/0.x.0/linux-rocky8-cascadelake 
./cice.setup -m gadi -e intel --case pio2 --set iopio2
cd pio2

More details about the cice.setup script and the CICE example cases are in the CICE documentation.