Why aren't fortran compilers available on the ood?

I’m trying to run some fortran code compiled using f2py in a python jupyter-notebook script on https://ood.nci.org.au/. The code compiles and import’s fine using module load intel-compiler and python3 on a Gadi login node. However, there aren’t any intel-compiler modules available on the ood, and so I get a ImportError: libintlc.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

Does anyone know why these modules aren’t available on the ood (it’s not for running simulations, but I’m trying to do analysis)? Or whether there is another workaround?

I’d say that is a question for help@nci.org.au but when you find out the answer please to share it back here.

The answer was: I should be using the new ARE: ARE User Guide - NCI Help - Opus - NCI Confluence. As this is just a way to access Gadi nodes, it has access to all the same modules as Gadi.

Works great!

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