Announcement for CABLE docathons

Are you wondering what is a “docathon”? It’s a hackathon to write documentation. And yes, it is an invented word.

We are trying to rejuvenate CABLE’s documentation. There are a few topics on this forum that present the effort: 1, 2. To keep everyone engaged with the process, we have decided to try out monthly virtual docathons.

The monthly virtual docathons are 1-day events:

  • every 4th Tuesday of the month, 10am-4pm. The first virtual docathon will be on Tuesday 23 May.
  • on Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You are welcome to join for the day or for 1 hour as you can.

Each docathon starts with a welcome to everyone, a summary of where things stand and a quick round-table of what part of the documentation each participant wants to work on. You will still be provided with this information even if you cannot join from the start of the day.

Everyone who is working with CABLE is invited to join in the effort. If you don’t think you can write the documentation yourself, you might be able to review documentation written by others.

To stay updated on upcoming docathons, please watch this topic

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when using the Zoom link above I had a message it wasn’t valid. This following link should work: